ZACC Inspector Willem Adamu underfire for criminal abuse of office and Judicial interference

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A high-profile Chinese businesswoman, Li Song, has lodged a formal complaint against Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Bulawayo Inspector Willem Adamu, accusing him of wrongful arrest, unlawful detention, and malicious conduct. Li Song, who has been a resident of Zimbabwe since 1995, claims that Inspector Adamu’s actions were driven by personal vendettas and financial interests.

In a letter addressed to the ZACC Chairperson, Mr. M. Reza, Song outlined a series of troubling incidents beginning with her arrest on May 8, 2024. Song alleges that after attending a court hearing in Harare as a complainant, Adamu, accompanied by another ZACC officer, aggressively detained her without any valid warrant or documentation. Song states, “I explained to him there is no such case since the court already declined in March 2023 the false allegations Francesco Marconati fabricated.” Despite her protests, Song was forcibly taken to the ZACC office, humiliated, and detained for two nights at Avondale Police Station.

Song’s account highlights a pattern of intimidation and abuse by Adamu, including the forced signing of a warn-and-caution statement without her being informed of the charges. Furthermore, she accuses Adamu of collaborating with media personnel to publicize her arrest, tarnishing her reputation through pre-arranged photo opportunities and fabricated stories.

The crux of Song’s allegations revolves around her business dealings with Francesco Marconati, whom she accuses of orchestrating a smear campaign against her. She asserts that Adamu acted on Marconati’s behalf to “fix” her, exploiting his position within ZACC to settle personal scores.

Song detailed instances where Adamu allegedly interfered with judicial processes, harassed judicial officers, and intimidated her former employees. One notable incident involved the wrongful detention of Bernardate Mukuku, a former staff member of Song’s company, DGL9. Mukuku was reportedly detained overnight without any explanation, further exemplifying Adamu’s alleged misuse of power.

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The complaint also includes accusations of Adamu breaching Section 184(1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act by obstructing judicial proceedings. Song claims Adamu threatened and interrogated court officials who issued a warrant of arrest against Marconati, interfering with their duties and compromising the integrity of the judicial process.

At the time of writing, Adamu is said to have spent the past three days in court terrorising court officials over the arrest of Marconati.

Song’s letter calls for a thorough investigation into Adamu’s conduct and requests his removal from any cases involving her or Marconati. She emphasizes the need to uphold the independence and impartiality of judicial proceedings, stating, “ZACC cannot be used to intimidate, harass, and victimize judicial officers for decisions made in the course of their duties.”

As this complaint unfolds, it raises serious questions about the integrity and accountability of anti-corruption officials in Zimbabwe.

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