EDITORIAL: The Strategic Ambiguity Quandary; Chamisa’s Leadership Under Scrutiny

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Zimbabwean politics, strategic ambiguity has long been a tactic employed by various players. However, recent calls for the leader of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa, to abandon his strategic ambiguity strategy have cast a shadow of doubt over its effectiveness. Many CCC officials and supporters are increasingly frustrated with what they perceive as a strategic ploy concealing a more sinister agenda – the misappropriation of financial resources and gross incompetence.

Foremost among the concerns raised is the lack of transparency surrounding the millions of dollars received from foreign donors. Chamisa’s close associates argue that transparency would expose the CCC’s capabilities and allies to their political adversaries, primarily ZANU PF. While some CCC officials acknowledge this concern, others suspect that strategic ambiguity is merely a smokescreen for financial mismanagement.

The accusations against Chamisa are serious and varied. He stands accused of misappropriating funds meant for election agents, diverting donations earmarked for his luxurious vehicle, and neglecting the family of Job Sikhala, a prominent CCC figure. To add to the controversy, most CCC parliamentary and local authority election candidates received little to no financial assistance for their campaigns from Chamisa, despite promises of support.

One particular case that has sparked outrage is the alleged misuse of donated funds on foreign trips, notably those of Gladys Hlatshwayo. Supporters point out that tens of thousands of dollars were spent on Hlatshwayo’s flights and accommodations, purportedly to influence SADC to reject election outcomes, establish a transitional government in which Chamisa would play a pivotal role, and fund new elections. However, these efforts bore no fruit, and the funds seemingly vanished into a “black hole.” In the eyes of some CCC veterans, the party is now diplomatically worse off than before Hlatshwayo’s excursions, equating her to Vasco da Gama – an explorer whose efforts seemed futile.


The mention of Hlatshwayo’s connections to Chamisa’s wife and the suggestion that they might be related raises further questions about favoritism and nepotism within the party. Could it be that Hlatshwayo benefits from her high-profile connections? Such concerns only deepen the disillusionment within the CCC ranks.

It is imperative to stress that these allegations must be thoroughly investigated, and transparency should be upheld as a fundamental principle of any political organization. While strategic ambiguity has its place in politics, it cannot be allowed to become a smokescreen for financial impropriety, neglect of party members, and wasteful spending.

Chamisa, as the leader of the CCC, should respond to these allegations with clarity and accountability. In a time when political trust is more crucial than ever, it is vital that leaders lead by example and demonstrate their commitment to the principles and values their parties espouse. Otherwise, the strategic ambiguity that has come under scrutiny may ultimately prove to be the Achilles’ heel of the CCC.

Mandla Ndlovu

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