WATCH: Welshman Ncube takes the bull by the horns

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In this exclusive interview, Acting President of CCC (Citizens Coalition for Change) Welshman Ncube sits down with journalist Zenzele Ndebele to address pivotal questions surrounding his recent mandate to lead the party for the next 90 days.

The spotlight intensifies as Ncube navigates through inquiries concerning the unexpected departure of President Nelson Chamisa from active politics, exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Unfazed by the turbulence within the party, Ncube eloquently articulates his vision for the future, offering insight into the strategic direction he envisions for CCC during this crucial transitional period. This candid conversation provides viewers with a unique glimpse into the party’s internal dynamics and the resilience required to navigate a political landscape marked by unexpected twists and turns.

Watch the video below:

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