Blaze Metals Achieves Certification as a Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council

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DUBAI, UAE, 27th June 2024 — Blaze Metals, a leading player in the precious metals industry, has proudly announced its official certification as a Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), marking a significant milestone in its commitment to ethical practices and sustainability within the jewelry sector.

The Responsible Jewellery Council, encompassing over 1,800 companies globally across the watch and jewelry supply chain, is renowned for its advocacy of responsible practices and ethical standards. By adhering to rigorous criteria in human rights, labor practices, environmental impact, and product integrity, RJC members like Blaze Metals contribute to fostering trust, transparency, and sustainability throughout the industry.

Blaze Metals, founded in Ghana and headquartered in Dubai, specializes in the trading, refining, and distribution of gold and other precious metals across Africa and beyond. The company’s CEO, Oheneba Prince Kofi Poku, emphasized the significance of this achievement: “Joining the Responsible Jewellery Council underscores our unwavering dedication to ethical sourcing and responsible business conduct. It reflects our commitment to transparency and accountability.”

The certification reaffirms Blaze Metals’ pledge to deliver top-quality products while upholding ethical values and sustainability principles. Oheneba Prince Kofi Poku highlighted their approach: “We ensure that each piece of jewelry embodies not only exquisite craftsmanship but also ethical and sustainable practices.”

In a global context where gold is re-emerging as a crucial reserve asset amid shifts in currency dynamics, the RJC plays a pivotal role in promoting responsible practices within the gold supply chain. Blaze Metals, now a certified member, stands poised to enhance market access and foster transparency, benefiting both consumers and producing nations.

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Moreover, through its charitable division, the Oheneba Poku Foundation, Blaze Metals is actively contributing to social change aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Programs focusing on landscape restoration and community-led afforestation in Ghana underscore their broader commitment to environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, Blaze Metals aims not only to maintain but also to exceed the rigorous standards set by the RJC. “As a Member of the RJC, we look forward to collaborating with industry peers to drive positive change and set higher standards within the jewelry sector,” added Oheneba Prince Kofi Poku.

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