ADDI Accuses Zimbabwe Young Farmers Sustainable Development of Unethical Conduct in Joint Initiative

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In a recent letter addressed to Mr. Joseph Kakoto, Executive Director of Zimbabwe Young Farmers Sustainable Development, Brenda Mudzimu, the Executive Director of Albinism and Disability Development Initiative (ADDI), expressed profound disappointment and raised serious concerns regarding the organization’s conduct and unprofessionalism in their collaborative efforts.

The letter, dated December 13, 2023, highlights a series of grievances, primarily focusing on financial matters related to a planned trip to Dubai on November 24, 2023. According to Mudzimu, ADDI, a smaller organization dedicated to promoting the rights of people with albinism, faced unexpected challenges in their partnership with the larger Zimbabwe Young Farmers Sustainable Development.

The heart of the issue revolves around financial transactions, where ADDI alleges that they were pressured into providing $500 for the trip, despite not having the funds readily available. The letter claims that, at the insistence of Mr. Kakoto, ADDI reached out to supporters to borrow $200, with the understanding that there would be allowances to reimburse the borrowed amount. However, the journey to Dubai was ultimately postponed to December 2, 2023, and later did not materialize.

Mudzimu emphasizes the unprofessional and unexpected demands for immediate payment, describing them as exclusive to the interests of Zimbabwe Young Farmers Sustainable Development. Such actions, according to ADDI, not only lack professionalism but also violate ethical standards governing partnerships, especially between organizations working toward common goals.

In response to these grievances, ADDI is requesting reimbursement of the funds and asserts that they are not morally or legally obligated to entertain such actions from larger organizations. The letter suggests that Zimbabwe Young Farmers Sustainable Development, being a reputed organization, should be fostering support for vulnerable groups rather than engaging in coercive and manipulative tactics.

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Mudzimu calls for a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and transparency in their interactions, hoping that alternative avenues for recourse will not need to be explored. The letter also cites the Disability Policy launched by President Cde Dr. E.D Mnangagwa in June 2021, emphasizing the commitment to leaving no one and no place behind, especially in dealings with marginalized populations.

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