Harare based Italian mafia boss Francesco Marconati exposed for using General Chiwenga’s name to grab companies

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Zimscibes has uncovered the dark machinations of Francesco Marconati, a self-styled Italian Mafia Boss wreaking havoc in Harare. Marconati stands accused of shamelessly exploiting the name of Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga, a claim verified as false by this relentless reporter.

Members of the Italian community in Zimbabwe who approached this  reporter revealed how Marconati, utilizing his cunning modus operandi, orchestrated the deportation of Nicola Trolese to seize control of the renowned Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House & Restaurant at 152 Longcheng Plaza, Zimbabwe—an establishment thriving in the art of brewing Italian beer.

Our sources disclose that Marconati, employing his notorious name-dropping strategy, colluded with a Registrar General official to obstruct the renewal of Trolese’s residence permit, leading to his deportation. The Italian community unveils that Marconati had enticed Trolese to invest in the establishment, only to sabotage his visa renewal and snatch the successful venture. The bar and restaurant are now under the control of Marconati’s 25-year-old son, Alessandro Marconati.

In 2020, Marondera businessman Godfrey Gonese emerged victorious in a grueling legal battle over his farm, seized by Marconati, who falsely claimed protection from the late Air Force Commander Perence Shiri. High Court judge David Mangota ruled definitively that the farm solely belongs to Gonese, emphasizing that it was the court’s firm conclusion that Marconati had no rightful claim to the property.

Political analyst John Mbizvo, speaking exclusively to this publication, vehemently calls upon security services to investigate Marconati’s acquisition of Zimbabwean papers and scrutinize his intentions in the country. Mbizvo brands Marconati a threat to national security, accusing him of tarnishing the name of Vice President Chiwenga in the pursuit of his illicit activities.

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Mbizvo issues a stern warning to Marconati, stating, “This isn’t Italy, where you can casually drop names of government officials. In Zimbabwe, the net is closing in on you. Your shenanigans will be exposed, and the abuse of powerful names will come back to haunt you within the confines of our prison and correctional services.”

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