Councillor Ntando Ndlovu Takes Swift Action to Alleviate Water Crisis in Ward 28 Cowdray Park

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In an exemplary display of leadership and dedication to the well-being of his constituents, Ward 28 Cowdray Councillor Ntando Ndlovu has taken swift action to address a dire water crisis that has left residents of Cowdray Park without access to clean water for 13 agonizing days. This crisis, sparked by a burst pipe connecting Cowdray Park and the Magwegwe reservoir, has exposed residents to waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid as they were forced to seek water from unsafe sources like open wells along the pipeline.

The Water Crisis Unfolds

For nearly two weeks, the residents of Cowdray Park found themselves in a perilous situation, with limited access to clean and safe drinking water. The burst pipe disrupted the water supply to the entire constituency, leaving families, schools, and businesses in a precarious state.

The situation became increasingly dire as residents were compelled to obtain water from hazardous sources, including open wells adjacent to the compromised pipeline. The lack of clean water posed a severe health risk, with waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid looming as a constant threat.

Councillor Ndlovu’s Swift Intervention

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Councillor Ntando Ndlovu sprang into action. He embarked on a mission to advocate for his constituents and engage with the city council to find a solution.

Councillor Ndlovu’s first initiative was to ensure that in areas without council schools, water bowers were made available to residents. These bowers provided a lifeline, allowing residents to collect up to six buckets of water per day. In areas where city council schools with boreholes were present, he liaised with the schools to connect pipes outside their perimeter walls to ensure that residents could access water.

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Hope on the Horizon

Speaking with our reporter, Councillor Ndlovu shared the latest developments in his efforts to alleviate the crisis. “I am happy to report that, as of Sunday night, we started to receive water in Ward 28,” he said. “However, there are still challenges in other high-lying areas. We are working tirelessly to ensure the situation is eased for these areas as they await the reconnection of their water supply.”

He also expressed his ongoing collaboration with Acting Mayor Ntombizodwa Khumalo, emphasizing the determination to provide relief to residents who have endured this prolonged water crisis.

Councillor Ntando Ndlovu’s unwavering commitment to his constituents serves as a testament to the power of dedicated public servants in times of crisis. His proactive approach and collaboration with local authorities offer hope to the residents of Cowdray Park, ensuring that clean, safe drinking water will soon flow once more in this community.

As efforts continue to address the water crisis and provide relief to affected residents, Councillor Ndlovu remains resolute in his commitment to ensuring the well-being and health of his constituents in Ward 28 Cowdray Park.

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