Komichi, Job Sikhala unite to revive Tsvangirai legacy

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Veteran opposition figures Job Sikhala and Morgan Komichi are poised to forge a formidable alliance, signalling the birth of a new political movement reminiscent of the legacy of the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

A source close to the  two leaders has revealed to this publication that the duo’s dissatisfaction with the current state of opposition politics in the post-Tsvangirai era has propelled them to contemplate embarking on a nationwide tour, advocating for the creation of a new party espousing the ideologies championed by the late Tsvangirai.

“Komichi and Sikhala are deeply concerned about the direction in which opposition politics has veered since the passing of Tsvangirai. They believe it’s imperative to reignite the spirit of Tsvangirai’s movement and offer Zimbabweans a genuine alternative,” said the source.

In a move indicative of their seriousness, it has been disclosed that the duo has secured funding from some Western organizations to finance their mobilization activities across the nation.

The source further disclosed that the envisioned movement, to be spearheaded by Sikhala, is strategically targeting seasoned opposition members who previously worked alongside Tsvangirai, as well as those disenchanted with the leadership of Nelson Chamisa.

“Sikhala aims to rally individuals who share the vision and principles championed by Tsvangirai, emphasizing unity and grassroots mobilization,” said the source.

Moreover, it has come to light that the new movement is actively courting the support of benefactors who steadfastly stood behind the opposition during Tsvangirai’s tenure.

“The movement seeks to honour the legacy of Tsvangirai by uniting all those who believe in democracy, social justice, and the advancement of Zimbabwe. Sikhala and Komichi’s leadership embodies the resilience and unwavering commitment to the ideals Tsvangirai stood for, making them the natural successors to lead this revitalized opposition movement,” remarked the source.

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Political commentator Prosper Muchenje said Komichi and Sikhala’s alliance signifies a pivotal moment in Zimbabwe’s opposition politics.

“With echoes of Tsvangirai’s indomitable spirit reverberating through their endeavour, the emergence of this new political force holds the promise of reinvigorating opposition politics and challenging the status quo.

“In a political landscape fraught with uncertainty, the convergence of these seasoned political figures heralds a new chapter in Zimbabwe’s opposition politics, and they might bring back principles that have long defined the opposition movement in Zimbabwe,” said Muchenje.

Efforts to get a comment from both Sikhala and Komichi were futile, as their mobile phones were not being answered.


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