ZBC speaks on sexual harassment reports

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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has issued a press statement addressing recent developments regarding allegations of sexual harassment at the workplace and social media rumors. The statement, released to its valued stakeholders, outlines the corporation’s response to these issues.

In the statement, ZBC revealed that it had received two reports of sexual harassment in September 2023. The corporation has launched investigations into these allegations, and disciplinary processes are currently underway. ZBC assured its stakeholders that they would be informed of the outcomes as soon as they are determined.

Furthermore, ZBC addressed allegations that have surfaced on social media platforms, particularly concerning individuals named Effort Magoso and Albert Chekayi. The statement emphasized that no such reports were recorded or received by the corporation. ZBC expressed concern over the proliferation of unverified information on social media and urged stakeholders to rely on official statements for accurate information.

The corporation also underlined its commitment to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment, highlighting the existence of a comprehensive sexual harassment policy. All staff members have received training from the Gender Commission and other partners on the corporation’s code of conduct, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment in the workplace.

ZBC recognized that there have been attempts to tarnish its reputation through the spread of false information and malicious fabrications on social media. In response, the corporation made it clear that it would not hesitate to pursue legal action against those responsible for such actions, particularly if they have socio-political motivations.

The press statement concluded with a reiteration of ZBC’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate to educate, entertain, and inform, reassuring stakeholders that the corporation remains their trusted source of news and entertainment.

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