WATCH: Top 10 jobs that will disappear in Zimbabwe in 3 years

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In a change in Zimbabwe’s employment landscape, experts predict significant upheaval as ten distinct professions face the looming threat of disappearance within the next three years. With the rapid integration of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, jobs that once formed the backbone of the nation’s workforce are poised for profound transformation.

Sectors such as routine data entry, basic administrative roles, and certain manufacturing positions are expected to be among the first casualties of this technological revolution. As the nation navigates this unprecedented shift, policymakers, industry leaders, and workers alike are urged to proactively adapt to these changes, fostering an environment of reskilling and upskilling to ensure a resilient and future-ready workforce.

Watch the video below as we unravel the dynamics of this transformative era, exploring the implications for Zimbabwe’s employment landscape in the years to come.

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