Venon Chamba’s Business Seminar to Empower Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe

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The renowned mentor and motivational speaker, Venon Chamba, is set to host an insightful business seminar on October 28, 2023. This seminar, organized under the banner of “Venon Chamba Business Seminars,” has a primary goal of enlightening aspiring entrepreneurs about the numerous opportunities available in Zimbabwe’s business landscape.

The “Venon Chamba Business Seminars” platform is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders by providing them with practical insights on establishing a solid foundation for their ventures. Its core mission is to disseminate essential knowledge and life-changing ideas to unlock the full potential of the business opportunities that Zimbabwe offers.

The upcoming edition of the seminar will feature Senator Mike Chimombe, the President of the Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), as its keynote speaker. This promises to be an event attended by a wide spectrum of professionals, including corporate executives, bankers, and business owners, who are keen to create synergies in Zimbabwe’s thriving business environment.

Over the past five years, Zimbabwe has seen a surge in opportunities, especially in sectors like mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. New businesses have a pivotal role in driving the country’s economic growth, as they bring fresh ideas and innovative perspectives to the market, fostering competition and innovation.

In an interview with The Herald Finance & Business, Venon Chamba emphasized that the event’s focus is squarely on business and the vital role that information and motivation play in shaping entrepreneurial journeys.

“I am expecting a significant shift to happen from this event, where the entire nation becomes business-oriented. People need information and guidance on how to embark on this journey. We aim to teach, equip, and encourage them to venture into the marketplace because that’s where the magic happens,” stated Mr. Chamba.

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The “Venon Chamba Business Seminars” have been making their mark since last year. Mr. Chamba acknowledged the ongoing migration trends but stressed that only those with strong entrepreneurial acumen would thrive in Zimbabwe.

“The local environment is ripe for business. That’s precisely why we host these seminars – to enlighten people and demonstrate that it’s possible to start small,” he emphasized.

Last year, the seminars featured the renowned property mogul, Mr. Ken Sharpe, as the guest of honor. Additionally, plans are underway to host Dr. Mangudya, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, at one of the upcoming seminars before the year’s end.

Entrepreneurs often face financial constraints, primarily due to limited personal savings and difficulties accessing loans for investments due to a lack of credit history. Limited resources can impede their ability to develop products, hire employees, or effectively market their businesses.

Young entrepreneurs frequently encounter skepticism and doubt from potential customers, investors, and business partners due to their age, which can make it challenging to gain trust and secure the necessary support to establish and expand a business.

Venon Chamba’s upcoming seminar aims to address these challen

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