EXPOSED: Chamisa’s deception laid bare

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In a revealing interview with ZTN TV, Acting President of CCC, Professor Welshman Ncube, has shattered the facade of former President Nelson Chamisa’s claims that CCC is a new party devoid of established structures. Ncube, in a no-holds-barred discussion, unequivocally stated that the leadership elected at the Gweru Congress in 2019 remains intact, dispelling Chamisa’s misleading narrative. Contrary to Chamisa’s assertions, Ncube emphasized that no changes or removals have occurred within the party’s leadership, except for those who voluntarily stepped away from active politics, like Chamisa himself.

This revelation serves as a stark contrast to Chamisa’s attempts to distance CCC from its 2019 Congress, where the current leadership was democratically elected. The former president’s misleading narrative, which aimed to present CCC as a clean slate, has now been exposed as a ploy to manipulate the party’s structure for personal gain.

To further underscore the deceit, an attached image of a CCC Twitter post reveals that even the party’s official social media handle recognizes Hon. Tendai Biti as Vice President, reaffirming the continuity of the leadership elected at the Gweru Congress. This stands as a direct contradiction to Chamisa’s narrative, exposing the former president’s attempts to rewrite the party’s history for his political agenda.


It is now evident that Chamisa’s claims of CCC being a fresh start were nothing more than a smokescreen to orchestrate a coup within the party. The former president’s intentions to remove the established leadership and surround himself with unquestioning loyalists like Ostallos Siziba and Amos Chibaya have been laid bare.

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Chamisa’s failed attempt to seize control culminated in his hasty departure from active politics, leaving the party in a state of turmoil and exposing him as a manipulative figure whose deceitful tactics were no match for the steadfast leadership elected by the people at the Gweru Congress. The truth has emerged, and it paints a picture of a leader who prioritized personal ambition over the democratic principles that should guide a political party.

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