Self-styled mafia boss Francesco Marconati threatens to sue media

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In the wake of widespread media coverage exposing Francesco Marconati’s alleged misdeeds across Zimbabwe, the self-styled Italian Mafia boss has resorted to legal threats in an attempt to suppress the damning revelations brought to light. A letter of demand, issued by legal representatives Joel Pincus, Konson & Wolhuter, attempts to discredit the articles published by various media houses, including Bulawayo 24 News, portraying Marconati as a violent manipulator with a pattern of taking over businesses and exploiting fellow investors.

Dated February 29, 2024, the letter of demand a accuses the media outlet of publishing defamatory statements against Marconati. The legal representatives list specific articles, making allegations that Marconati vehemently denies.
As Marconati attempts to shield himself from public scrutiny, the media faces a critical juncture in upholding journalistic integrity and the right to expose alleged wrongdoing.
In the face of legal threats from Francesco Marconati, this reporter stands firm, armed with overwhelming evidence sourced from credible channels. Marconati’s attempt to silence media coverage exposes a deeper layer of scrutiny.

We invite him to answer the following questions in detail:

1. Relationship with Nicola Troles: What is the nature of the relationship between Nicola Troles and Francesco Marconati?

2. Investment in Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House & Restaurant: Did Nicola Troles invest in the Philadelphia Italian Craft Beer House & Restaurant, and if so, what was the extent of his investment?

3. Shareholding Structure: What was the shareholding structure in the company during Nicola Troles’ presence in Zimbabwe?

4. Refusal to Provide Fingerprint for Zida License Renewal: Did Mr. Marconati or his son Alessandra Marconati refuse to provide fingerprints for the non-criminal record required by Zida before Nicola could apply for the renewal of Zida license? Is it not the obligation of all shareholders to provide the required documents according to Zimbabwe law?

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5. Changes in Shareholding Structure: Did the shareholding structure change after Troles’ alleged forced departure to Italy?

6. Marriage Proposal and Personal Relationships: Is it true that Mr. Marconati suggested Troles marry a black Zimbabwean for residency purposes, and is he himself married to a black Zimbabwean woman?

7. Involvement in Theft Incident: Did the Marconatis hire people to unlock Nicola’s Land Cruiser, parked in front of the beer pub, and subsequently have his phone, money, and personal belongings taken?

8. Presence during Deaths of Claudio and Max Chiarelli: Was Mr. Marconati present during the deaths of Claudio and Max Chiarelli, and what is his side of the story?

Furthermore, as a media house committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism, we acknowledge the gravity of the allegations made against Mr. Marconati. We are actively investigating the matter and will take appropriate actions based on the information received.

Let it be unequivocally clear to Mr. Marconati that this media house operates as an unyielding watchdog, not a lapdog. Our mandate remains unwavering – to uncover the unvarnished truth, with no regard for massaging delicate egos plagued by insecurity.

The unfolding events promise a transparent examination of the allegations against Francesco Marconati, revealing a commitment to journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for those in the spotlight.

Source: Bulawayo24

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