DJ Zinhle Takes a Stand Against Online Trolls and Misleading Posts

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DJ Zinhle, the founder of Era by DJ Zinhle, is no stranger to online trolling and frequently finds herself in the spotlight as the public comments on her life, marriage, children, and co-parenting relationship. While she has often chosen to ignore these comments in the past, there have been moments when she decided to stand up for herself and respond to the trolls.

In the most recent episode of online scrutiny, DJ Zinhle addressed a blogger who had taken her words out of context and spun a narrative that suited their agenda. MDN News shared a video featuring Zinhle embracing her daughter, Kairo. In the caption, they added a twist involving rapper AKA, who is Kairo’s father.

The caption read: “You will never understand the pain in my heart when my child is crying because she’s missing her dad. God help us🙏” – DJ Zinhle.

In response to the tweet gaining traction, DJ Zinhle clarified that the caption had nothing to do with the actual video. She explained that the video was taken while she and Kairo were simply playing. She expressed her frustration with the article that connected her words to the video.

“The people who wrote this article used a random video I had posted. What I said and this video were never linked until this article. I wasn’t comforting Kairo in this video. We were playing around at Vida. Stop doing too much.”

Furthermore, DJ Zinhle called out individuals for making assumptions and spreading information without verifying the facts of a situation.

“It’s insane how far people go on this platform without knowing the facts. Most of the things that bother people on this platform are not even true. But then everyone is so righteous out here, blindly so. 💔”

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