Zimbabwe MPs demand cash and land to support Mnangagwa 3rd term bid

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In a surprising turn of events, members of parliament have reportedly demanded incentives, including cash and land, in exchange for their support of President Mnangagwa’s bid for a third term in office.

Supporters of President Mnangagwa recently revealed their intentions with a new slogan suggesting that the President would seek a third term. During a gathering in Masvingo, the Provincial Chairman of the ruling ZANU PF party chanted, “2030 vaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo”, which translates to mean that Mnangagwa will still be President in the year 2030.

Bikita South member of Parliament and former Information Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi confirmed this claim by tweeting that the province had offered President Mnangagwa a third term. Mutodi’s tweet read, “ZANU PF Masvingo Province today offered President ED Mnangagwa a third term in office as President of Zimbabwe. Amid cheers, whistling & ululations, the Provincial Chairman Robson Mavhenyengwa chanted the slogan ‘2030 vaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo!’ with a deafening applause.”

Naturally, this revelation sparked various opinions on social media, with some suggesting that allowing a third term would lead to chaos, while others believed that if MPs were willing to amend the constitution, there would be no disturbances. One user, Nqobizitha Mlambo, expressed the view that while Mnangagwa could have a third term as the ZANU PF President, he should not have a third term as the State President, as the national constitution only allows for two terms.

Other users called for clarification from journalists and commentators, hoping to hear from experts such as @daddyhope, @ProfMadhuku, @ProfJNMoyo, @TrevorNcube, and @AmChambi. Another user, Makumbirofa, blamed CCC Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu for recalling opposition MPs, leading to ZANU PF gaining a two-thirds majority necessary for significant constitutional changes.

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With the constitutional amendments being the only obstacle to President Mnangagwa’s third term bid, all eyes are now on Parliament to make the necessary legal provisions. This process would involve amending Section 91, subsection 2 of the Constitution, which currently disqualifies a person from election or appointment as President if they have already held the office for two terms. Additionally, Section 328, subsection 7, which prohibits incumbents from making constitutional amendments for their own benefit, would need to be removed.

Anonymous members of Parliament have stated that they would only pass the bill if their demands were met, including the provision of residential stands and money for development. One legislator from Mashonaland West stated, “We will definitely give him (ED) that chance as long as we are happy.” Another CCC legislator claimed that opposition MPs would agree to any offer that improves their lives, such as the provision of stands, motor vehicles, and loans.

In the past, MPs were given a $40,000 loan and other benefits during the 9th Parliament, which was seen as a way to reduce political polarization and increase President Mnangagwa’s chances of winning the presidency. However, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa criticized the move as a bribe to the Members of Parliament, leading to internal tensions within his own party.

Reliable sources have revealed that this time, MPs are expected to receive over $150,000, a car loan, serviced stands, and two duty-free certificates for vehicle imports. Additionally, their salaries would be increased to match the scale of other critical state services.

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