PROPHECY: Man who is firing MPs in Zimbabwe to die in horrific accident

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A cryptic prophecy issued by self-styled Prophet Obert Tichafa Mukanhairi has claimed that a person behind the firing of Parliamentarians in Zimbabwe will die. In his prophecy, the controversial religious figure warned of a tragic accident befalling a figure who has been “firing MPs in Zimbabwe.” The message was delivered via social media with an accompanying note, “Dance while you can. The Lord is silencing your evil heart. Again, this will be a reshared screenshot.”

Read the full Prophecy:  “God doesn’t sleep or slumber; I saw a man who has been on the rampage firing MPs in Zimbabwe in a horrific accident that claimed his life. Dance while you can. The Lord is silencing your evil heart. Again, this will be a reshared screenshot.”

The timing of this prophecy is particularly intriguing, as it coincided with recent events within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party. Interim Secretary General Sengenzo Tshabangu’s decision to recall 15 Members of Parliament from his party, citing their alleged cessation of party membership, set off a chain reaction in the political landscape. The Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Francis Nzwidamilimo Mudenda, subsequently acted on Tshabangu’s recall letter and removed the MPs from their parliamentary positions.


This sequence of events has left many in Zimbabwe pondering whether Prophet Mukanhairi’s prophecy was referring to Tshabangu, the initiator of the recalls, or Mudenda, who executed the removal of the MPs from Parliament based on the recall letter.

Prophet Mukanhairi’s enigmatic message has prompted both fervent discussions and conjecture in the nation’s political circles. It underscores the high stakes and tensions within Zimbabwean opposition politics, where recalculations and realignments are a constant feature.

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As Zimbabweans watch the evolving political landscape with bated breath, the prophecy serves as a reminder that uncertainty and unpredictability continue to define the country’s political climate. Whether it is a mere coincidence or a harbinger of events to come, only time will unveil the true meaning behind the prophet’s cryptic words.

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