Shadowy COZWVA: Purveyor of Fake News Threatens National Stability

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In a recent revelation, the Shadowy Children of Zimbabwe War Veterans Association (COZWVA) has emerged as a prominent provider of fake and malicious news content, with the apparent intention of destabilizing the country. The organization, if officially registered, must be immediately deregistered, and its Founder, Munyaradzi Shoko, should face legal consequences for disseminating false information.

The timeline of COZWVA’s deceptive activities can be traced back to September 2023 when they posted on their X account (formerly known as Twitter) a message that instigated fear among the citizens. The alleged informant claimed, “COZWVA advises the nation, all is not well! People should not be deceived by the drama in the public eye! The internal fights are serious, and 2024 seems to be far away.” Despite such foreboding predictions, the year 2024 has arrived without any significant unrest in the country.

In another instance in November 2023, COZWVA falsely accused Tagwirei of manipulating cement prices through the acquisition of Lafarge, thereby causing an artificial shortage. However, this claim was debunked as the government subsequently opened up cement imports to various private players, disproving COZWVA’s malicious narrative.

The pattern continued into March 15, 2024, when COZWVA once again propagated baseless allegations, asserting that prominent political figures, Obert Mpofu and Chris Mutsvangwa, were colluding to overthrow President ED Mnangagwa. This outlandish claim has been refuted by the fact that Mpofu and Mutsvangwa have a history of animosity, further reinforced by Mpofu’s past attempts to have Mutsvangwa’s son arrested.

These recurring instances of spreading fabricated news constitute a grave threat to national security and have the potential to incite unwarranted panic and social discord. The government regulatory body, POTRAZ, is called upon to take decisive action against COZWVA to prevent further dissemination of misinformation that undermines the stability and peace of the nation.

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In light of these dangerous activities Herbet Mugwagwa a political commentator said COZWVA must be held accountable for their deceitful practices and impose stringent measures to curb their influence is now more urgent than ever. The actions of this clandestine organization pose a clear and present danger to the well-being of the nation, and decisive steps must be taken to protect the integrity and stability of Zimbabwe. He added that if COZWVA is registered they should be deregistered immediately.

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