Shock as Chamisa dumps CCC and surrenders MPs to Tshabangu

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Advocate Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), issued a statement on Thursday announcing his departure from the opposition movement. The move has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.


Chamisa, once a prominent figure in the fight against the ruling ZANU PF party, cited numerous challenges faced by the CCC since its formation two years ago. In his statement, he recounted the pre-election problems, electoral irregularities, intimidation, violence, and alleged attempts by the incumbent to consolidate authoritarianism.


However, the most shocking revelation came towards the end of the statement when Chamisa declared, “With immediate effect, I no longer have anything to do with CCC.” This unexpected announcement has left supporters and political analysts puzzled, questioning the motives behind Chamisa’s decision.


The Advocate went on to explain his disillusionment with the CCC, accusing the party of being contaminated, bastardized, and hijacked by ZANU PF through the abuse of state institutions. He claimed that the CCC had been handed over to ZANU PF, rendering it an extension of the ruling party.


Chamisa alleged that an imposter, purportedly acting as the secretary general of CCC, had emerged with the backing of ZANU PF. This person, according to Chamisa, had been given extensive powers to unilaterally recall elected representatives, instruct Parliament, influence the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), and manipulate the courts.


Political Analyst Nicholas Ncube said, “Chamisa’s sudden departure from CCC is a glaring betrayal of the opposition’s enduring struggle against ZANU PF. His actions raise serious doubts about his commitment to our cause, casting a shadow over our unity. It’s time for opposition members to reject Chamisa as a leader and earnestly seek a new, principled face to represent our aspirations in the political arena. A cohesive and unwavering leadership is crucial to counterbalance the ruling party’s influence and champion the citizens’ fervent desire for meaningful change.”

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The opposition leader criticized the legal system, stating, “Our courts, the Speaker of parliament, and ZEC claim that they don’t know this common fact,” referring to the legitimate leadership of CCC.


The shocking announcement has left many wondering about the future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. Some critics have accused Chamisa of betraying the opposition movement by seemingly capitulating to the ruling party. The timing of the exit, just days after the swearing-in of MPs and councillors, has added to the confusion surrounding Chamisa’s decision.


The departure of Chamisa from CCC has sparked speculation about potential divisions within the opposition and the impact on the upcoming political landscape in Zimbabwe.

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