Zimbabwe Media Commission opens office in Bulawayo

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The Zimbabwe Media Commission marked a significant milestone with the official inauguration of its Bulawayo office on Thursday, hosted at the distinguished Windsor Park Complex. Attended by journalists representing major media outlets in Bulawayo, the event showcased a pivotal moment for media presence in the region.

Commending the ZMC for establishing its inaugural Bulawayo office, Minister of State for Devolution in Bulawayo Judith Ncube emphasized the alignment of this initiative with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision of comprehensive national development, urging the commitment to build Zimbabwe meticulously. Ncube urged media practitioners to actively engage with the new office, transforming it into a dynamic hub rather than a dormant entity. She also acknowledged the professionalism exhibited by the ZMC and the broader media community during the 2023 harmonized elections.

Thabani Mpofu, from the Public Relations Department at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), reflected on the past need to travel to Harare for various purposes, expressing relief that such journeys would no longer be necessary with the establishment of the Bulawayo office.

Godwin Phiri, the Executive Secretary of ZMC, highlighted that the office’s role extends beyond accreditation, serving as a venue for media training and a platform to address media-related grievances. Phiri emphasized the multifaceted utility of the office, positioning it as a resource hub for diverse aspects of media engagement.

In his closing statements, ZMC Commissioner Rtd Major Mbewe expressed gratitude to Minister Judith Ncube for officially inaugurating the office and offering her blessings. He acknowledged the challenging journey leading to the establishment of the office, attributing its success to divine grace. Mbewe also extended thanks to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the proprietors of the Windsor Park Complex, for generously providing the space for ZMC’s operational needs. The event marked not only the opening of an office but a symbolic step forward in fostering a robust media landscape in Bulawayo.

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