Zakes Bantwini’s Heartfelt Tribute to Wife Nandi Madida

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Love is definitely in the air when it comes to Zakes Bantwini and his beloved wife, Nandi Madida. The couple, who have been together for a decade, never miss a chance to publicly celebrate each other’s achievements.

In a recent Instagram post, Nandi shared a heartwarming clip of Zakes pouring his heart out during an interview with podcaster Mac G. He couldn’t help but gush about his remarkable wife.

Zakes’s admiration for Nandi is evident as he praises her unwavering commitment to important causes. He touched upon the sacrifices she’s made, mentioning that she’s lost out on opportunities and income in her fight for natural hair and African representation.

One incident that stood out was when Nandi lost an international endorsement because she refused to delete a tweet expressing her views. Zakes applauded her for not being swayed by money and for choosing principles over profit.

He emphasized that Nandi’s values are non-negotiable, stating that she will not be part of anything that doesn’t align with her vision for Africa and the empowerment of women. Her dedication is truly admirable.

The couple’s love and respect for each other are undeniable, and they often share their appreciation for one another with the world. Nandi recently led the celebrations for Zakes, Nomcebo Zikode, and Wouter Kellerman when they won the Best Global Music Performance award at the 65th Grammy Awards for their collaboration, “Bayethe.”

Nandi praised Zakes not only for his achievements but also for his enduring humility, love, and kindness. She highlighted that his character and essence are what she cherishes the most.

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In a press release, Zakes expressed his hopes that their success would inspire young South Africans. He emphasized that this award is a testament to the validity of dreams and the possibility of accomplishing anything. Zakes encouraged every young individual, especially those from less privileged backgrounds, to dream big and believe in their potential for global recognition.

This power couple’s love story and dedication to making a positive impact in the world serve as an inspiration for us all. Love, principles, and pursuing one’s dreams are at the heart of their journey.

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