Zodwa Wabantu’s Spiritual Journey Takes Center Stage

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When it comes to the dazzling world of entertainment, few shine as brightly as Zodwa Wabantu. However, this sensational dancer and reality TV star has recently taken a different path—one that leads her closer to her ancestors and a higher calling.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Zodwa shared a snapshot of herself fully embracing this new chapter in her life. She’s radiating positivity and inner peace as she expresses her deep connection with her ancestors.

“Everything can stop. I didn’t choose them; they chose me. Angiyisabi into engingayazi, Kodwa they talk to me full time,” she wrote, showcasing her newfound spiritual connection.

One of her followers pointed out that her journey into ubungoma, a form of divination and healing in Zulu culture, may have reduced her fame and popularity. Zodwa responded with grace and understanding, explaining her choice.

“I understand you truly. I had to choose between Zodwa Wabantu and them, and I chose them. That’s why I’m not popular, but I’m powerful. This is about Ukubona nokusebenza abantu. Every stage of life has its different universities. I passed ‘Zodwa Wabantu’ stage, and now I’m this. I love them more than Zodwa Wabantu. Ngiyakuzwa mina,” she replied, emphasizing her deep commitment to her spiritual journey.

Zodwa Wabantu’s decision to embrace her ancestral calling was confirmed in 2022. To kickstart her journey, she performed rituals to inform her ancestors that she was ready to heed their call. These rituals included a significant ceremony with a goat and the presence of a spiritual guide, uBaba, who was flown in from KZN.

The journey began last year when she started experiencing significant dreams and revelations. Zodwa shared that she’s always been in touch with this side of her identity, evident in her minimal use of makeup and her preference for simplicity over material possessions. Her deep connection with her ancestors is now guiding her towards a new purpose in life.

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As Zodwa Wabantu’s path takes her on this spiritual adventure, we can’t wait to see how her story unfolds. It’s a reminder that sometimes, fame takes a backseat to a more profound calling.

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